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Blowin’ in the Wind:
Pollenclean – Allergy sufferers can breathe easy

Haaatschoo! Bless you. Pollen are annoying – we know. That is why my Pollenclean programme removes plant pollen almost completely from textiles. Just put worn clothing and other – even non-washable – textiles into the dryer and breathe a sigh of relief.

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Singin’ in the Rain:
Impregnating – the Schulthess programme for weatherproof clothing

Wrong weather? There's no such thing. Just wrong clothing! With the help of my additional programme «Impregnating» and a special impregnant, outdoor clothes become evenly and permanently water and weatherproof and at the same time dirt repellent. Without compromising the breathability of special fibres.

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Ready, steady, go:
3D-Powerclean – the entire programme in 57 minutes

Dirty laundry? Always. Time for washing? Never. Not to worry - my 3D-Powerclean programme saves the day! Thanks to my 3D-drum, I clean normally soiled laundry at 40˚ C and 60˚ C in less than 1 hour. The specially arranged drum vanes, the intensive liquor exchange, the particular wash rhythm and two rinse cycles guarantee perfect wash results in record-breaking time.

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Washing and drying in a basket

We are the Champions:
Washing and drying in a basket – for sensitive laundry

Is it even okay to wash and dry this? Normally not. But it is with us Schulthess machines. Because, we have the right programme and adjustable baskets to gently wash and dry sensitive laundry. For example? Soccer shoes, sneakers, woollen sweaters, cashmere ponchos …

More about the new Schulthess machines
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Round’n’round it goes:
3D-Washing - washing in a new dimension

Doesn't my shirt get dizzy in there? Yes, it does. Because, my new 3D-Washing system uses the cleverly arranged drum vanes to optimally utilize the drum. That means less bunching-up of the laundry, less detergent, electricity and time. But more cleanliness.

More about the new Schulthess machines

We are the new Schulthess generation of machines and we make washing and drying easier – a lot easier!

Schulthess = Innovation, that is nothing new. After all, the traditional Swiss company has been among the most innovative manufactures of household appliances for the last 170 years. For the anniversary year Schulthess has come up with a lot of great innovations and surprises with us new Spirit washers and dryers. We set standards for washing and drying! With the world début for 3D-Washing, the short, yet complete 3D-Powerclean programme, the clearly arranged programme groups, the Quickwash and Iron-Finish programmes, the super easy operating and, and, and: Innovations from Wolfhausen make life easier for women and men.

Front or top operation – just as you wish

It is up to you, if you prefer to operate us Schulthess machines as usual from the front or now from the top. With us Spirit 530 washers and Spirit 630 dryers, it's up to you, because we are available in front or top operation.

The Swiss made commitment

Extremely durable and innovative – that has not changed with us newest generation of washers and dryers. Because Swiss made comes with commitment: Schulthess machines are developed and produced in Wolfhausen in the Zurich Oberland region with much pride and commitment, and a focus on robustness and extreme durability. Additionally, Schulthess emphasizes top quality. Even where it is not visible. Our washing liquor tanks, for example, are made of high-quality chrome steel and not just plastic.

World début: Favorits

We are with you! We remember your preferences and automatically save the 6 most frequently used programmes. World début: You have the option to see your 6 favourite programmes on the display when you start the machine. Turn machine on, choose favourite programme - start.

What speaks for the new Schulthess washing machines

3D-Washing for perfect washing results

The innovative 3D drum with 6 drum vanes guarantees perfect wash results and maximum value preservation of your textiles. We new Spirit washing machines with the specially formed and cleverly arranged 3D drum vanes wash in a new dimension: The 3D-Washing process adjusts the mechanical washing action individually and exactly to the type of laundry, load size and soil level. Additionally, the new and refined drum perforation guarantees gentle treatment of your favourite laundry items with excellent spinning results.

World début: Programme groups

Many different individual programmes, practically combined into 6 effective programme groups – displayed clearly arranged on the display and selectable with just one push of a button.


Special programme for challenging baby and children's clothing. Heavily soiled textiles (even diapers) are thoroughly cleaned and intensively rinsed to protect the sensitive skin of babies. The special feature of this programme: It even washes plastic building blocks!


Washing and impregnating of outdoor sportswear. For ski suits, sports and leisure jackets, special weatherproof clothing - and even sneakers!


Business clothing is usually only lightly soiled. This programme washes your blouses, shirts, business pants, jeans and light sweaters especially gentle and with a crease free result.


Thorough programmes for your home textiles: Microfibre-wiping cloth, bed linen and terry towelling, down and curtains. It also includes the machine cleaning programme Autoclean.


The additional programme for the needs of allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin or increased hygiene requirements. It effectively removes mites, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from textiles.


Angora, cashmere or silk: The Softcare programme takes care of fine and delicate textiles made of natural fibres.

Quickwash programme at 30 °C in 15 minutes

The 30 °C Quickwash programme washes and rinses small loads in 15 minutes. The programme is especially well suited for a quick wash of wrinkled but not soiled textiles made of cotton or mixed fibres. It is also ideally suited for washing new textiles (to remove production residues) or for a quick wash of swimwear.

Time preset for up to one week

24-hour time preset is from yesterday! Now you can programme us a full 7 days in advance. The integrated date function with automatic start and end time calculator provides you with more flexibility for your time management. By the way: We also automatically adjust to daylight savings time. Quite practical, isn't it?

What speaks for the new Schulthess dryers

Supersilent for extremely quite operation

Pssst ... your baby is sleeping and you do not want do wake it or you would like to wash and dry at night without being disturbed? Not a problem with the Supersilent function! Thanks to the special insulation we wash and dry extremely quiet with this function.

Petplus for animal lovers

We Spirit 630 dryers have all the advantages of a Schulthess dryer and additionally offer a special programme to remove pet hair. Laundry is being gently dried and additionally, pet hair is being effectively removed. With one single push of a button.

Pollenclean – Allergy sufferers can breathe easy

Pollen are small but insidious, causing major problems for allergy sufferers. With the push of a button, the Pollenclean programme removes troublesome and persistent plant pollen almost completely from textiles. Just put garments that have been worn, blankets, curtains and other fabrics (including dry-clean-only textiles such as jackets with trim etc.) into the dryer for 20 minutes and breath easier.



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